FEEDBACK began with a simple question: “What’s in your grocery basket?”

It would pop into my mind at markets, farm stands, and corner stores.  I’d often wonder, “What circumstances have led to their decision today at the market?” Each of us has a unique story to tell about food.  These stories range from recipes and family traditions to daily routines and kitchen hacks that we have developed in the face of constraints of time, income, and health.

I started this project because, although I enjoy all of the attention that food has been getting in the media lately, I feel that the most important food conversations are often overlooked.  These are the anonymous conversations taking place at the market counter or check-out line.

At a time when there are so many societal expectations about where we should be sourcing our food from and how we should be eating it, it is easy to overlook the fundamental human and community aspects of food that allow us to feel enjoyment, empathy, and intimacy.  Food is the heart of our communities and families, yet it can also be a polarizing and divisive subject.  FEEDBACK is about looking past the noise and hearing directly from people on the street and at the counter, “What’s working for you, and at the same time what isn’t?  At a surface level, each of our lives may seem very different, but what values and rituals do we share?  What common ground can we find?  What joys and struggles do we share?  What insights can we offer to each other as members of a community?”

FEEDBACK is a growing collection of stories about the choices we make to nourish ourselves and our loved ones.  We invite you to join and be part of the conversation.

For inquiries please contact aimee@feedbackny.com


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